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Supervision & Consultation

With over 5 years of experience working with non-profit and for-profit organizations, I specialize in supervising professionals in the fields of substance abuse counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, and professional counseling. In addition, I've provided impactful consultation services to treatment centers by focusing on the holistic enhancement of their programs. This includes refining documents for clinical relevance, launching innovative initiatives, ensuring clinical excellence through supervision, and conducting quality assurance assessments. My expertise extends to staff training, policy refinement, and crisis intervention support.


Supervision is a structured professional relationship in which a more experienced or qualified individual provides guidance, support, and oversight to a less experienced or qualified counterpart. The primary goal is to enhance the supervisee's skills, knowledge, and professional development through regular meetings, feedback, and collaborative discussions, ensuring the quality of work, and ethical practice, and fostering ongoing learning.

Support Group


Consultation involves seeking advice, insights, or expertise from a knowledgeable individual or a group to address specific challenges, make informed decisions, or improve professional practice. The purpose of consultation is to access external perspectives, expertise, or specialized knowledge to solve problems, make strategic decisions, or enhance the effectiveness of a particular endeavor. It can occur in various settings, including individual or group interactions


If you are interested in exploring these services, please reach out to the following email letsconnect@theconnectedpsychologist. I look forward to understanding your specific needs and providing you with tailored solutions.

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